How to get Free Youtube Subscriber 2022: Today in this post we will show how you can get 1000 free subscribers.

If you are a new YouTuber and you want to get free subscribers then this post is for you. I will share The best sub4sub app to get free subscribers. Read the complete post to understand more in details.

In this article, I will share the best sub4sub app in 2021 to grow your YouTube channel. Using this best app, you can get more than 1k subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in a very short time. You can also apply for monetization within 2 months if you use this app. So let’s get started.

N.B: Before I go further, I want to notice you that normally sub4sub doesn’t work if you do sub4sub in various Facebook groups, Telegram, Instagram, or some other social platform. You can read this post for more details 

ExchangeApp is the best sub4sub app to get free subscribers in your YouTube channel. You can do sub4sub in ExchangeApp which we call circle feature. You create a circle and people can join your circle to subscribe your channel.

Once people want to join your circle, you need to watch a required time you set in circle as an example 90 seconds. They must need to watch 90 seconds of the video and only after that they can subscribe your channel. They can’t skip watching video or they can’t subscribe your channel without watching videos as you specified in circle settings.

Once they subscribe, app will take an screenshot and submit to you. After your confirm their subscription by watching the screenshot, you need to give back their subscribe by watching 90 seconds of their videos.

So here, people can’t cheat with each other, once you submit you done, they can check your screenshot and verify the task. This way everyone get watch time and subscribers and no one can cheat in circle. We have hundred of thousands of users when I’m writing this article. So you don’t need to find people do sub4sub. Just create circle or you can also join other circle instantly after you open app and there have lots of circle running already. You can take subscribers and watch time as much as you want.

ExchangeApp also have feature to do watch4watch and like4like besides sub4sub. which mean, you can also do watch4watch and like4like the same way you can do sub4sub in circle section to increase watch and likes for your videos as much as you want.

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